Mountaintop Physical Therapy is closed and has available for sale three special categories of equipment: Lymphedema, Bioness and Splinting materials.   I have accumulated an amazing collection of products in these areas. I would like to pass this equipment on to “that special therapist” who will use them.

For Lymphedema, I have samples of JuxtaFit for legs and arms, Silhouette, Juzo, Jobst, gauntlets, short stretch bandages, etc.

For Bioness, I have the clinician’s kit for the L300 plus the parts for the H200. I have a Right L300 unit that was given to me and may be passed on to a person that cannot afford a new unit.

For Splinting I have materials for hands, elbow, fingers including soft cast 1″, 2″, various colors, velcro, stockinette, a kit for making outrigger splints and much more.

It is more important to me to get this equipment to “that special therapist” than it is to get the cost value out of the products. If you are interested please take the time to come to beautiful Estes Park and stop in to look at these products and judge if they will benefit your practice.

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