• to strengthen, to condition

Parallel Bars

  • for safety while ambulating, balancing

Balance Tools

  • to improve your safety while walking, hiking, and climbing

Therapy Balls

  • for core strengthening, stretching


  • for increasing blood flow to your tissues or softening them to allow them to be stretched more easily

Electrical Stimulation

  • for increasing blood flow to your tissues but more shallow than ultrasound

Bioness L300

  • a device to assist with walking by lifting a foot with nerve damage
  • uses functional electrical stimulation to activate the common peroneal nerve to prevent foot drop while walking

Bioness H200

  • a device to assist with upper extremity function after suffering a stroke
  • Mountaintop can only adjust and train a unit the client already owns

Anodyne Therapy

  • low level light therapy is a source of healing energy.
  • most effective in treatment of wounds and diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Apollo Cold Laser

  • light can stimulate healing, circulation and cell growth, as well as relieve pain
  • laser remains cold and is used to stimulate healing and reduce pain

Hand exercisers

  • the hand is a complex part of the human body and requires delicate therapeutic exercises to recover from injury, whether it is from trauma or pathological disease such as arthritis

Body Weight Support System

  • the Newton is an overhead structure that can un-weight a person’s body through the use of a harness.
  • allows the therapist to remove a percentage of the patient’s body weight for walking when there are weight bearing restrictions, very weak muscles, or diagnoses such as stroke and spinal cord injury to relearn walking in a safe environment




The Science of Healing, the Art of Caring