Healing Waters offers a state of the art warm water pool that anyone can enjoy. How would you like to spend a relaxing hour in a warm water pool, with privacy, music and an underwater treadmill? Yes, an underwater treadmill that will allow you to walk at a comfortable pace against the resistance of the water. Better yet, you can run hard against the water combined with the pressure jets for a real workout! You can swim. You can use the jets on painful or tired muscles from hiking.

Come discover what Healing Waters Aquatic Center has to offer you. Take a look at our website and drop in for a visit. Whether you want to lose weight, keep up your conditioning during inclement weather or rehab from a trauma, Healing Waters is the place for you.

Start Enjoying the Benefits

Great form of exercise: Weight Control/Loss • Privacy • Warmth • Buoyancy • Able to use year round • Able to use when injured • Underwater Treadmill for walking or running • Jets for swimming, resistance when walking, or massage to painful areas • Anyone can use: young, old, athlete, disabled

The Pool’s Features

Handicap accessible with a Hydraulic chair lift • Underwater Treadmill • Both Swim and Massage Jets • Full feature and accessible shower too! • Video cameras for visual feedback of limb movement pattern • Pristine, clean environment & Bromine-Sanitized Pool • Well ventilated, Air Temp. is kept at 75° to 80°, water at 94

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